Foodies & Tourists Can Find Plenty Of Food Events In New York

There are tons of food festivals all over the world, but New York offers up some of the best ones around. Furthermore, foodies and tourists have a wide variety of food selections available to meet most budgets wherever they go and the boroughs of New York provide so much variety. Check out our list of festivals and events for foodies in NYC.

Event Opportunities For Foodies & Tourists

LuckyRice Festival

If you have a taste for Asian food this is a New York Festival that you don’t want to miss. This festival features a variety of food and drinks from the traditionally Asian culture. The extensive menu includes dishes like Korean BBQ goat from Bashi Channel, bacon and shrimp dumplings, Hawaiian ahi tuna and you can wash it all down with wonderful beverages which include gin spiked with pomegranate.

The Empanadas Festival

Feast on a melting pot of cuisine from a variety of ethnic American cultures which include Jewish, Chinese, and Latin dominating the East side of Brooklyn, New York. Choose from a variety of flavors consisting of empanadas, Chinese dumplings, and kreplach and challah bread from Eastern Europe. Not to mention, opera, dancing, costumes, and wine tasting for the palette of the most seasoned connoisseur.

Jamaican Jerk Festival

If you love the atmosphere of Roy Wilkins Park in Queens you’ll love the Jamaican festival offering 20+ food vendors and plenty of reggae music. The food theme of the festival is Caribbean jerk chicken. They even have a jerk-off cooking showdown that attracts 20,000+ visitors and foodies each year.


This foodie event is open every weekend in Brooklyn and has grown to multiple locations including LA and Upstate NY. Some of Brooklyn’s greatest food purveyors like Duck Season, East Coast Poke, and the infamous Ramen Burger. Other notable food vendors that have appeared in years past have been Momofuku Milk Bar, Mast Brothers Chocolate, and Bagel Hole.  Plus there’s plenty of music to match the food.

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Where to Eat in Miami: Summer 2016

Who doesn’t enjoy a trendy neighborhood complete with vibrant architecture, innovative boutique shopping and best of all, a plethora of fabulous foodie options? The Miami Design District offers all this, and more. But if you happen to in the mood for a quality meal at a great value, check out this trio of restaurants owned by the famous Chef Claude Postel. Bringing the European style small bistro to South Beach, Chef Postel was one of the original restaurateurs in this now bustling neighborhood.

Start your morning off right at the Buena Vista Deli where Chef Postel and co-owner Corentin Finot offer French style, artisan crafted breads that are baked daily, the perfect complement to their one-of-a-kind, homemade pate. The ambiance is as charming as any French cafe, with a cozy air that makes patrons want to linger. A complete line of delicate pastries, made from scratch, are the hallmark of this bistro. If your appetite craves something a little more substantial, you’re in luck. The Buena Vista Deli offers a delicious array of sandwiches or if you prefer a Panini, with a side of soup or salad. The Greek salad or the Avocado Chicken Sandwich are a hefty meal in themselves. Delight in the premium cheeses that are served or a traditional Quiche Lorraine.

If you enjoy French cuisine at an affordable price, then the Buena Vista Bistro is the place for you. Take in a three course lunch for under twelve dollars or for dinner try their Veal Forrestiere, a fancy veal stew featuring veal cutlets sautéed in garlic, shallots, swimming in a delicious hefty mushroom broth. Dinner entrees are served standard with homemade mashed potatoes or Basmati Rice & Ratatouille. No French restaurant is official without a fantastic Bouillabaisse, and the Buena Vista Bistro serves one of the best you’ll find in any Parisian restaurant.

Finally, I can say I have become a rabid fan of the Buena Vista Chocolate & Wine establishment located just next door to Chef Postel’s other venues. Experience exotic flavors such as saffron laced truffles. Not only will you find a stock of hard to find wine, but also elegant wine accessories such as suede or leather bags to tote your favorite bottle to the beach. For seven generations this family has produced fine chocolate desserts, so this was a natural addition. Whether you enjoy your wine at the pleasant outdoor seating or take it home with you, this trio of French cuisine, chocolates and winery is worth a visit.

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Places to Visit in Buena Vista Miami Florida

Buena Vista is a primarily historic residential neighborhood located in Miami, just north of the Miami Design District. These single-family homes date all the way back to the 1920’s, while East Buena Vista East Historic District, located in Buena Vista, contains some the oldest homes in that area, some dating back as early as the 1800’s.

The Miami Design District, originally part of Beuna Vista, was mostly comprised of decaying, low-rise warehouses, but has recently been renovated by Craig Robins into a high end shopping district which includes over 130 art galleries, retail spaces, showrooms, architecture firms, antique dealers, cafe’s, restaurants and more. Since then, the Design District has become world renowned for its arts, design and fashion as well as a hot spot for celebrity sightings.

Tourists interested in the Buena Vista Miami, Florida area have various activities to select from, as Buena Vista is home to plenty of activities and points of interest including Jungle Island, home to various exhibits, plant attractions and shows. Here, guests will enjoy a variety of wild animals from around the world including kangaroos, parrots, orangutans and more. Get up and personal with the wildlife at the petting barn, hang out with your children in the Jungle adventure camps, feed the birds, or book a VIP safari tour for the adventure of a lifetime.

How does taking in Miami’s beautiful views via 360-degree twists, drifting and high speed cruising sound? Book a Miami JetBoat for an exciting tour of Star Island, Memorial Island and Fisher Island, for an awe-inspiring view of celebrity homes. For even more of a thrill ride, opt for the parasailing or Jet ski rental.

Take a break from enjoying the great outdoors to check out the Miami Design District, which includes a plethora of upscale shops including Tom Ford, Cartier, Burberry, Christian Louboutin Men’s, and more. Chrome Hearts, also located in the Design District, is renowned for its celebrity sightings including Kate Hudson, Zoe Kravitz, Jessie Jo Stark, Laurie Lynn, and more.

Ravenous? Check out the award winning Buena Vista Bistro with French Chef Claude, who features mouthwatering dishes made from local, fresh ingredients. Beuna Vista Bistro, a small, intimate eatery with a laid back, 1950’s setting, is most noted for its delectable food at reasonable prices. This neighborhood hot spot is just perfect for family and friends or dining alone. Past celebrity sightings include Genesis Cordoba, and more. Or, indulge in fine dining at The District Miami, located in a beautiful historic building, which includes Caribbean, North, South, and Central American cuisine. These are but a few of the compelling venues awaiting eager tourist in Beuna Vista!

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Tips for Business Travel in 2016

From HuffPost Business:

In a vastly changing and growing economy, business travelers are not just the suits armed with briefcases. Bloggers, conferences, networking events and good old-fashioned face-to-face business meetings are now driving the world of business travel. Business travelers of 2016 will set the pace for growing economies in the New Year. As more companies conduct business face-to-face and more Millennials enter the workforce, business travel is expected to increaseyet again this year.

Recent polls have shown that Millennials are twice as likely to seek business trips than the Baby Boomer generation. The travel industry is also growing to account for the increased demand for business travel needs. New apps hit the market every day that cater to the unique needs of business travelers, and travel programs are now offered to help expedite the boarding and security process, as well as assist travelers in avoiding flight delays. As travel requirements change and new legislation is implemented, business travelers will also need up with these emerging trends.

Keep reading for tips on business travel in 2016:

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Travel tips: Saving time and money booking vacations


An East Texas travel agent advises spring and early summer travelers to lock in vacation plans as the prime booking season approaches.

Tammy Jones-Deem of Tyler-based TJ’s Travel said that vacationers should make reservations as soon as possible, otherwise, the cost of the trip could skyrocket.

“When you know what you want to do, you want to book it, and waiting for a special, waiting for a deal there’s just no way of knowing,” Jones-Deem said.

She added many of her clients are looking at trips within the country that might be a little more on the adventurous side, adding that her clients are choosing cruises or places like Alaska.

“It is the comfort zone, you’re still home, you still get the beauty, it feels a little more exotic, but it is something that is selling very quickly,” Jones-Deem said.

She said if the destination is not an issue, and it’s just about getting out of town, there could be potential last-minute flight deals. However, she said, planning ahead will allow you to budget more effectively for the trip.

Read more:

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Places to celebrate in Miami

Finding places to celebrate in Craig Robins back yard (aka Miami) is really easy because the city is a place made for celebrating. People who want to celebrate something special can do that in the city easily, and the city offers a variety of places that are going to help groups get together. The nightlife is famous, but there is a lot for people to partake in when they come to the city.

The Clubs

The clubs in South Beach are great places to celebrate because they were made for the celebration. Anyone who comes to these places is going to have a good time, but people who are going to have a really good time are going to get a VIP room and have the drinks coming all night. This is a great idea for a group, and taking a limo to the club is a very good idea.

The Restaurants

There are some amazing five star places to eat in the city, and all these places have great meeting rooms and dining rooms that people can come to for a major celebration. The meeting room is going to be a great place for people to go when they want to get personal service, and they may even have a lovely server who is helping everyone all night. They might choose a place that has a private bartender, and the whole thing is going to feel much better for everyone.

The Beaches

Celebrating on the beach is a possibility because it is nice in the city all the time. Anyone can go to the beach at any time to expect good weather, and the party could last all night on a beach that just looks out onto the ocean. There are plenty of beaches in the area that are worth, and they help everyone get some swimming in, too.

The Boats

People can take a boat out on the water at any time, and these boats are going to make it easy for people to relax when they get out on the water. The whole thing is going to be easy for people to set up, and it is going to be relaxing because it gets people away from the city. Anyone who is trying to celebrate could actually finish their day out on a boat when they just want to relax and have a few drinks with all the people that they care about.

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The Top Reasons to Live in San Diego, California

San Diego is renowned for the wonderful warm yearly temperature as well as the friendly atmosphere and the wonderful food that surrounds this part of California. What San Diego has to offer is cultural diversity in addition to great food, great beer, Than Merrill, and a friendly atmosphere. San Diego is just 120 miles South of Los Angeles and a mere 20 miles North of the Mexican border. San Diego is growing in competition as it has become one of the most desirable areas to live in in the United States. For those living in the North East, San Diego offers a cosmopolitan community that is more favorable with the constant warm air and sun.

Below is a list of some of the best neighborhoods to look at for real estate in San Diego.

1.) Solana Beach
2.) Poway
3.) Encinitas
4.) Del Mar
5.) Santee

Reasons to Move to San Diego

All of these mentioned neighborhoods above are comprised of fun and friendly environments that promote healthy living. San Diego currently has a population of around 1.3 million people with an unemployment rate of around 6 percent. The pros of moving into anyone of these suburb areas is the fact that each of these neighborhoods is not only attractive but also has constant recreational activities whether it be running in the park or going for a swim by the beach.

In addition to the aesthetic aspect of San Diego, other more economical factors make this the ideal place to live. For example, the average commute time for a worker who is residing in San Diego is lower than the national average. In addition to this, the median household size is 2.67. This means that San Diego is the perfect place to raise a family as it includes both space as well as fun family activities to take part in.

Another reason to make the long trip from the East Coast to San Diego is the fact that San Diego is a healthy city to live in. The EPA has ranked the water quality in San Diego higher than the national average by over 20 points. This is due to the fact that all of San Diego’s water comes from a naturally running watershed.

When contemplating moving to another region from the East Coast, take San Diego into consideration. The real estate market has deemed now more than ever the golden opportunity to live in this aesthetically pleasing area.

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Miami’s Design District is Hot and Cool

Miami is now the coolest of cities. A visitor to Miami can become overwhelmed by the profusion of colors, the expansive modern and Art Deco architecture, the blue waters of the Atlantic, the mix of hip, beautiful people filling the streets, enjoying the climate which is hot but cool. Decades earlier Miami was a typical city filled with retirees and the only excitement may have come from the street crime.

Liberty City, a part of the Greater Miami Area, was newsworthy for all the wrong reasons, decades before its popularity gained from the video game. Back then Miami was an asphalt covered mega city on the way to the Florida Keys. You would never guess that high-end, luxury boutiques in Miami would come to this part of the city.

You didn’t want to stop unless you were fluent in the Spanish language. But there was an important reason to be there if you were in the interior design business. There is and was, even then, a hip place to shop for art and furniture. This mecca for decorators and designers was located between 39th Street and 41st Street close to I-95.

In its latest incarnation this area dubbed, the Miami Design District. Has allied furniture, accessories, art, with clothing and shoes, both vintage and modern. Here window shopping is encouraged and stopping for lunch is all part of the adventure. It reminds the visitors of the shopping experiences on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach up the Atlantic Coast or on the other side of the state in Sarasota at St. Armand’s Circle. At these three venues the visitor is treated to an upscale kind of shopping. Here a watch might cost $50,000.00 or a painting or sculpture may cost $250,000.00. But the experience is all part of the fun, and everyone likes to window shop.

There is a long list of studios and boutique stores in the Miami Design District: Tiffany, Cartier, Prada, Givenchy, Fendi, Hermes as well as many others. It is hard not to buy something because the stores in the Miami Design District started out catering to the professional, a person buying at wholesale to resell the item to a client or to another retail store.

Explore the Miami Design District and enjoy the Miami experience. Be hip and cool, become a part of this amazing, energetic, colorful and diverse city. But don’t forget your sunscreen.

What to Do in the Cayman Islands for the Whole Family

Often, the most stressful part of a family vacation is planning a trip that is enjoyable and relaxing for everyone.  The Cayman Islands boast a plethora of activities and sites that can satisfy the whole family; with a variety of towns and opportunities available on three different islands, you will never be left wondering what to do in the Cayman Islands.

Observation Tower at Camana Bay (Grand Cayman)
If you’re wondering what to do in the Cayman Islands on land, Camana Bay’s Observation Tower offers spectacular 360-degree views of Grand Cayman, including Seven Mile Beach and George Town. The Observation Tower is open from sunrise until after dusk and is located in Camana Bay, a town based on the concept of New Urbanism. In addition, the Observation Tower offers impressive views inside and out, as the staircase to reach the top is surrounded by an undersea mosaic that spans the entire inside of the 75-foot tower.

Bloody Bay Marine Park (Little Cayman)
Bloody Bay Marine Park, located on Little Cayman, is a great diving spot for both new and experienced scuba divers. Located on Little Cayman’s north shore, the park is protected from commercial fishing and strong winds. The surface water is often calm and clear, making the shallower areas perfect for novice divers. More confident divers can explore beyond the drop-off (6,000 feet at its deepest) to see marine wildlife and to challenge their scuba abilities.

Pedro St. James (Grand Cayman)
The Pedro St. James Historic Site is the Cayman Islands’ first national landmark and a historically accurate restoration of a plantation house built in 1780. The great house has historical significance, as it is considered the birthplace of democracy in the Cayman Islands.

Beyond the beautiful grounds and frequently a host of weddings and events, the Visitor’s Centre offers many things to do onsite. Families can watch the video presentation on over 200 years of Cayman Islands’ history, visit the resource center, or take a self-guided (or even guided!) tour of the amazing house and grounds.

Take A Look Inside the New Riu Palace Antillas

On Oct. 11, RIU Hotels & Resorts will open its second hotel on the stunning island of Aruba: the luxury Riu Palace Antillas. This new resort, located next to the Riu Palace Aruba right on Palm Beach, will be the first on the whole island exclusively for over 18s to offer an all inclusive 24-hour service.

These features, unique on the island, will allow guests to enjoy the recognised RIU All Inclusive 24-hour programme, as well as luxury services only available at the Riu Palace Adults Only hotels such as: a welcome glass of cava, concierge, 24-hour room service and free Wi-Fi Internet service throughout the hotel.

The modern interior design of the Riu Palace Antillas follows the style the RIU Hotel chain is using for its new projects. Its 482 rooms will have satellite flat screen TV, an electronic safe and free Wi-Fi Internet service.

In terms of food and drink, the star will be the Atlantis restaurant (below), which offers international cuisine and stations with freshly cooked dishes.

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